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Our Vision: To be the art materials of choice to create masterpieces for generations

Supporting artists and encouraging new talent is central to our philosophy at Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris. As some of the world’s most famous art material brands with a history dating back to 1795, we greatly value our relationship with artists and work to support and encourage creativity and the sustainability of art for the future. We have built our reputations on the quality and reliability of our products, combined with continual product development, improvement and innovation.

Winsor & Newton

Founded in 1832 the company was started by William Winsor & Henry Newton who built their business on the marriage of art and science, determined to respond to the needs of artists and offer them the widest choice of colours with the greatest permanence.

From the very beginning, Winsor & Newton brought scientific rigour and a new spirit of enquiry to the craft of the artists’ colourman. Within a few short years, they set new standards for colour permanence and clarity. They introduced new colours and new opportunities for artists, establishing a proud tradition marked by constant improvement and continuous response to ever-changing needs.


Liquitex proudly pioneered the first ever water-based acrylic paint in the 1950s. Since then, Liquitex has always been at the forefront of creativity and innovation, offering acrylic artists the largest array of acrylic paints and materials to help expand their creativity and artistic expression.

Conté à Paris

In 1794 Nicholas Jacques Conté developed the modern graphite lead from a mixture of clay and graphite, finally making it possible to create different grades of hardness to pencils.

Ever since then, Conté à Paris have continued to develop the finest quality products for professionals, amateur artists and art students alike, offering the widest variety of techniques and effects possible for drawing, sketching and pastel work.

Supporting Artists – Encouraging new talent

The Studio Building, based in Shepherd’s Bush, London, is the headquarters of Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris and is at the heart of our role in supporting artists and fostering an environment of creativity through an eclectic and stimulating cycle of exhibitions, seminars and events. By incorporating the Griffin Gallery (a superb new exhibition space) and several artists’ studios, we are able to offer artists a fabulous opportunity, not only to exhibit and work in a first class facility, but also to benefit from hands on advice on the latest materials.

The Griffin Gallery, a superb new contemporary gallery offers 145 sq.m of exhibition space with excellent facilities. It runs a year round and varied programme of exhibitions and actively supports and encourages both emerging and established artists to participate. The Griffin Gallery also hosts a series of workshops and seminars for artists and promotes an environment of creativity and learning.

The Fine Art Collective

The Fine Art Collective is a membership programme exclusively for Fine Art students in association with Winsor & Newton, Liquitex and Conté à Paris. Designed to help artists experiment, develop and express their talent with the benefit of exclusive privileges and rewards.  The Collective serves as a community, providing regular newsletters with Tips and Technical insights from experts on art materials, Special offers on Conté à Paris, Winsor and Newton and Liquitex products, Workshops and lectures with professional artists, FREE exhibition tickets and FREE samples. If you are interested in joining The Fine Art Collective, go to: www.the-fine-art-collective.com