Frequently asked questions

What is Future Map?

Future Map is London’s premiere annual exhibition of the best emerging talent from the current graduating year at London’s creative powerhouse, University of the Arts London. This year, we are proud to present a diverse selection of artists and designers who we feel represent the best of the current trends in their respective disciplines.

Now in its 16th year, Future Map has steadily built a reputation amongst industry insiders for showcasing a comprehensive overview of the next generation of artists and designers who will define our visual landscape. Future Map boasts a roster of previous participants including; Christine Aerfeldt, Haroon Mirza, Laura Buckley, Nick Hornby, Suki Chan, Robert Rush, Raqib Shaw, and Naglaa Walker.

How can I show my work in Future Map?

Future Map has an invitation-only submission policy. We attend every show at the University, as well as taking recommendations from internal staff and external contacts and then make our decision about who to invite to submit. Should your work be selected you would be invited via a personal email or letter from our staff.

Unsolicited or uninvited submissions will be rejected.

What is the selection process?

This academic year alone over 9000 students graduated from the many diverse courses offered across the University of the Arts London’s six Colleges.

– From each graduating class we receive recommendations from course leaders, tutors and external experts and the curation team visit all degree shows across the colleges.

–  The Future Map team then invites around 400 artists to submit their work through an online application process.

– The submissions are then presented a selection panel of  of prestigious representatives from the art world.

– Works are judged equally based on innovation, creativity, craftsmanship, and overall quality.

– Finally the Future Map team look at the selected works and see how they will work together as an overall show in the venue and make final decisions.

– From this, a show is born.

How can I get involved?

There are loads of ways to get involved with Future Map, whether behind the scenes through an event or as an intern or in the thick of it as a sponsor or partner organisation. We are always looking for ways to improve and expand. Simply send us an email to futuremap@arts.ac.uk with the subject Future Map to start getting involved.

Are works available for sale?

Yes, works are available for sale, for more information or sales inquires please contact: futuremap@arts.ac.uk

Tips for recommended artists…

There is a good chance that the selection panellists will not have seen your degree show, and as such it is crucial that you put your best foot forward when presenting your work. We have tried to create an online application which gives every artist an equal opportunity to present their work to the panel. Below are some helpful hints for how to succeed.


Clarity is the key

So many applications have gone in the bin because the explanation and concept behind the work was poorly worded, unclear and too long. Don’t waffle on. Explain the work and the theory behind it clearly and concisely. There are a lot of applications to get to and long, wordy and pointless ramblings will never win you any points, nor will a shoty, or weak concept. Think long and hard about this and put your best foot forward.


A pictures worth a thousand words

This is the only chance you will have to show your work to the selection panel so make it work. The application asks for three images per submission so you should be able to capture your work in three clear images whether it’s installation, sculpture, painting, textile or what have you. Take one clear image of the over all piece. Depending on the medium you make, decide whether or not to take other angles or close up shots- whatever you feel like best captures and communicates your work.


Submitting a series

If you’re submitting a diptych or triptych of work, (meaning multiple pieces meant to be viewed and inevitably sold together) enter it as one piece of work and remember to capture it as one piece and then as individual works in your images. (See the section above for more).

The more the merrier

If you have three works that you can submit, do so. It’s always better to submit more work for the selection panellists to see than less if you have the option. They may not like one piece but they might like another, or they might like all three. Having a selection will not only give them more options, but it will give you more chances. It will also give them a better idea of what kind of artists you are based on a body of work.

Better to ask

If you don’t understand something, just ask. We are happy to help and it’s always better to ask us now than make a mistake or skip something that could ruin your chances of being considered.

Top tip

We can’t say it enough- Make sure your application is easy to understand and not just to you, but to an audience that is unfamiliar with you and your work. Practice on a friend or a family member who has not seen your work. If they understand what your application then you’re on the right track.

Good luck!